Friday, 7 May 2010

The election that was all about voting

What a strange night. I stayed up and watched it all.
So as I get the kids off to school, this is what I know. Labour has lost and neither Labour nor the Lib Dems have a mandate to Govern. I think its time to step down gracefully and regroup, horsetrading on the issues. Cameron meantime doesn't have the landslide he needed, so deals are there to be done.
I am pround London turned out in force, I'm aghast people were turned away from voting, what' that about?
I think with our first Green MP Caroline Stone who will shove enviromentalism up the agenda.I'm glad about that well done Brighton. I salute the comprehensive rejection of the BNP and I'm looking forward to putting the issues of social enterprise to the new Government which will, I think, will have their listening ears on.

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