Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Planting for the future

The bank holiday was all about the allotment. Working in changeable weather conditions I got in my runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, pumkins, sunflowers, mange tout and a cherry tree.  The cherry tree, or should I say twig, £9.99 from Homebase,was this year's innovation.  Each year I plant a new piece of infrastructure with a view to seeing it yield in three, four or five years time.

If only politics were like that.  I'm not frightened of what will happen tomorrow, because whatever, I welcome change. You either thrive on flux or you don't, and I do.  But I don't like it for its own sake, and I hope that SEL can steer Londoners and their institutions to a happy and sustainable level of social enterprise growth. I'm thinking of olive trees, which I have planted 6 of.  They take an age to grow into mature fruit baring trees, and yet they are so worthwhile. They go on for ever, their fruit is edible, their oil is of universal value and they can grow in the harshest of soil conditions. Historically the olive is the one tree, more than any other, that symbolises life, and subsequently peace, hence the olive branch attributable to either Zeus's gift to Athens or Noah's dove.

What we will need on Friday is a little bridge building and some planting for growth, not just in the short term but the long term too. Good things come to those that wait,  but in the meantime there is always beetroot.

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