Friday, 7 May 2010

The election that was all about voting

What a strange night. I stayed up and watched it all.
So as I get the kids off to school, this is what I know. Labour has lost and neither Labour nor the Lib Dems have a mandate to Govern. I think its time to step down gracefully and regroup, horsetrading on the issues. Cameron meantime doesn't have the landslide he needed, so deals are there to be done.
I am proud London turned out in force, I'm aghast people were turned away from voting, what's that about?
I think our first Green MP, Caroline Lucas, will help shove enviromentalism up the agenda. I'm glad about that, well done Brighton. I salute the comprehensive rejection of the BNP and overall I think last night was a rejection of extremism but the start of a conversation between the electorate and those who have been bestowed with the great responsibility of representation. I'm looking forward to putting the issues of social enterprise to the new Government. Judging from my recent conversations I think the new lot will have their listening ears on, a view shared by Philip Blond ceo of think tank ResPublica who I had a great chat with yesterday.

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