Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Vote social enterprise 2010!

Today we launched our manifesto Vote social enterprise 2010. The feedback, already, has been great. Comments like, "Very good. I like the business support one, one of them should have done something radical with that" and "The Manifesto is simple and clear and I like it!". So a good start. There are many ways you can get involved. If you want to join the campagn take a look To comment and proliferate the message that social enterprise, community activism, ethical business and independent public services are the issues for this election you can go through our favourite social media channel, twitter. Finally you can email SEL direct to tell us what you think, pledge your support and if you feel really motivated and want something doing about the issues raised in the manifesto, which would be the point of the excercise, then please send it to your local candidates. We need a reaction from politicans. We need a response. As a movement characterised by its extraordinary communication skills, lets show them how the message can get out load and clear. We mean business.


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