Sunday, 18 April 2010

All quiet on the Western Front

I know its been hell for stranded passengers but for those of us in West london the quiet skies are bliss.

I agree that Nick Clegg did a bang up job on the debates on Thursday. Mind you I don't think any of them disgraced themselves. I'm looking forward to the next round, should be fun watching David and Gordon manage a consensus as they gang up on him. Funnily enough I knew Nick when we were children. His sister, Elizabeth was my classmate and friend and the Clegg's lived on our road. The last time I saw Nick, we were both in the Clegg's rather impressive sandpit. Not sure what sort of training a good command of bucket and spade is for political leadership, but it can't hurt.

Our conference, Social enterprise: A brighter future of schools, was a tour de force on Thursday. It's energy reminded me of the early days of social enterprise events when we knew we were being radical. The stories of what folk were up to both running businesses out of schools and running schools as cooperatives and potentially social enterprises was gripping stuff. This was parents organising and really getting involved, children inspired to set up and work in their own social enterprises and social entrepreneurs squaring up to run schools. I've done a full write up for the Guardian, so watch this space. It is, I think, an issue which is going to grow and grow. This is about staff and parents wanting to experiment with new enterprise based models. The genie is out of the bottle here, where schools are failing kids the state can no longer reject those who want change and are willing to do something about it.

I am at a concert for children at Amersham School in Amersham, Bucks. Our performers are Travelling with Tuba, Chris Cranham and Stewart Death. The kids are really enjoying it, depite the sunshine being outside. They have especially enjoyed the chance to play musical instruments from around the world like the Alpine Horn and South African Cornu.

 Joe playing the Alpine Horn

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