Saturday, 2 June 2012

@Samscycle4StreetChildSierraLeone sets off!

At 7.45am this morning, Sam's Cycle 4 Sierra Leone got started. The whole family turned out to wave them off, armed with a fabulous banner painted by SEL staffers Mei Hui and Surbhi Bahl. Thank you ladies, the banner gave the lads a right Royal Jubilee send-off, which was only slightly marred by a to-do between Sam and me. Sam was just desperate to get going and I wanted some photographs to mark the occasion so we won't be using any footage from the video mounted on hubby's bike as I believe I threatened to kick Sam down the street if he didn't stand still for the shot above.

Katie and I are staying at home to sort the car out, update the journey blog and pick up some supplies for our brave cyclists, although they already have some super snacks on board in the form of homemade meatballs supplied by lovely new neighbour Laura. We will then be joining the lads en route on the first leg to Brighton, which is a steady start of 60 miles.

Give the boys a boost and please sponsor them, they only need a few pounds to break through the £2,000 mark. To do that go to Sam's Just Giving page here

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