Sunday, 1 August 2010

Camping anyone?

So it started raining last night and hasn't stopped. Day 2 in Camp ON has seen us move the seats into the tent where life has become very intimate indeed. Hubby has responded to the deluge with narcolepcy. We are hoping to surf later although I have a really nasty migraine. Its odd how I often get them on holiday and weekends. I recently filled out a questionnaire for social enterprise, London Migraine Centre and interestingly that was one of the questions, 'Do you commonly get migraine on holiday?', it's something to do with being relaxed. How sad is that?

After a great surf yesterday we ate well at our favourite Cornish Cafe, Little Avalon which is now open in the evenings. Proprietor and cook, Kate makes food, as she describes it, 'That I would like to eat'. The ingredients are all local and fresh with the eggs travelling 30 feet to the kitchen. I had the gnocci with pesto and vine tomatoes, yum. If I can't eat my own fresh veg I like to know I'm eating someone elses home grown. If the rain doesn't let up I think its off to the cinema or anywhere else with heating. Happy holidays.

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