Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bacon sandwich anyone?

Day 1 in Camp Ogden Newton gets of to a soggy start with mentions of us in the Guardian Magazine, again. It rained over night and for the most part our tent and canopied eating area thing held up, despite being erected in the dark and rain last night. After a long journey we all fell out of the car grumbling and not in the mood for what we had to do next. Hubby observing that in the many hours we had taken to edge our way to Cornwall, he had seen no other car as tightly packed as ours. Still, we might have brought the kitchen sink but we still managed to leave the matches behind, and more importantly, the corkscrew.

Sam, second born is our happiest camper. When we all started shouting at each other in disagreement about which coloured toggle went where, Sam reminded us he was a scout so we were in safe hands. Hubby cracked open a beer and went very quiet. Joe, first born and I nearly came to blows when assigned bedroom pod liners assembly. I was right, he was wrong, I'll say no more. Katie, ever the modern girl has discovered an app on Joes i player that enables you to type in what you want to say and an automated voice says it out loud. Apparently we are all weener heads!!???

Dawn brought a symphony of zips and trips to the loo. This is quickly followed by Hubby's camping catch phrase, 'Anyone for a bacon sandwich?'. Restored, Sam headed for the Spar and returned with breakfast supplies including the Guardian. I jokingly asked if we were in after last weeks piece, and was surprised to hear we were. Apparently people were so irritated by the description of our middle classness (yes what was that all about) that they wrote in. Joe thinks its really unfair that some bloke from SE21 thinks I don't in effect do much childcare. I think its hilarious given my encyclopedic knowledge of my children's lives. I realise my disinterest in other people's private lives extends to my own when seen in print, its so remote.

The Guardian front page has an interesting article about the speed of Coalition reform quoting Francis Maude about the need to create a new generation of public service entrepreneurs. Hubby asks if he is referring to what I do, yes I say, so he then looks puzzled, so why have they cut all your contracts? Good question, I reply. You see, camping time is quality time.


  1. I invented the phrase weener head. The cornish surfer.....

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