Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Taking lessons from the greeks?

I'm off to the opera tonight. My Mother and I are going to see Idomeneo at the Coliseum. For those of you who don't know it the work was Mozart's first major opera and is set around the aftermath of the Trojan Wars. There will be much drama, loss and regret so perfect for my mood.

I spent the afternoon looking at new premises. Our fab HQ at London Bridge is going in for a major overhall and so we are out by February next year.The SEL lovelies have so much to put up with that I have promised that we will make the move work for us, so its got to be good. It seems that neither of the spaces I looked at today have room enough for us so its back to the drawing board. If you know of anywhere do let me know. We need 1000 sq feet with meeting room space, that's close to a tube for our members to have easy access, and nice, really nice. My preferance would be funky over corporate, clean and loved. Maybe you know of a local authority that fancies the UK's leading social enterprise development agency in its location? We are open to offers.

The good news is folk are still planning for growth. Every day we are approached by more and more social enterprises and would be social enterprises ready to hit the ground. I had a thrilling conversation today with Mervyn Wilson Principle of the Cooperative College. Mervyn and his team are enabling Cooperative Trust schools to set up all over. He told me by Friday they will have done 68 since the start of the year and no fewer than 100 by September! That was really good news, and his feedback on the issues coming out from the frontline was invaluable. I have asked Mervyn to join us in the launch next month of our Route Map to social enterprise for local authorities. He was really keen which is good news. Education is I think going to be our most rapid area of transformation, which is why SEL held a conference on it just before the election.

This evenings performance is 3 hours long so I shall need more than a couple of glasses of Merlot to weather the greek goings on. Still I shall be looking for some top tips on how to survive monumental shifts that I'm sure the Greek's would be able to relate to.

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