Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scoping the landscape or should that be Streetscape?

The best thing about my job is meeting new social entrepreneurs. Yesterday morning I met Guy Watts who came to see me to discuss his new venture, Streetscape. Having established his reputation as a world record holding rower he has decided to set up a social enterprise, Streetscape which will provide corporate landscaping with a primarily homeless staff. Hopefully me and the team were able to give him top tips and make some connections that will proved commercially useful.

As I mentioned before I was given the opportunity to follow Nick Hurd, our Minister’s address to New MP’s at the delightful acevo reception on Tuesday night. Nick spoke of protecting the sector and his priorities for us. Signals I think well worth listening to. Interestingly he didn’t mention Big Society once. In my response I talked about the need to learn what worked from those things that they have or are about to dismantle, like Future Builders and Future Jobs Fund. We shared a laugh about the grim probability for anything called Future. I called for investment in our sector if wealth creating activity is to increase that does not leave anyone behind. I clarified my point by saying that investment could be money, but it could also be political leverage. The truth is to merely survive this perfect storm we will all need a little help from our friends, and a little faith in the enthusiasm of can do people like Guy.

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