Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!

So the day started at 06:45 with Sam sitting on my head casually wondering out loud where his presents might be.Then an orgy of paper and boxes ensued as he opened a pretty impressive number of train set pieces. We majored on Hornby this year at his request, as its his passion, right up there with all water sports, judo, music and brother-baiting.

One of his gifts was a Tag game with hand guns, and chest plates. Thanks Auntie Jo! Try being in a caravan with adolescent boys armed and squealing, not pretty. The day has perked with this spectacular view over Padstow harbour.

Out there somewhere two boys are riding the waves. I told their instructor to only bring them in when they are exhausted so the rest of us have dug in to read the papers and drink hot chocolate.

Joe and Sam, post waterskiing

So Gordon's done it. We are under starters orders and off. The next few weeks will be lively for a hack like me, but for now it all seems a million miles away, as it does for the Cornish to be honest.

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