Monday, 5 April 2010

And relax..........

We arrived in Cornwall with a thud. Packed up and got on the road within less that 24 hours after I returned from Japan. All of us were tired, and in family tradition a little grumpy. But as always Cornwall has worked its magic.Keep it to yourself, and if anyone asks, its hell, but the truth is a holiday in a caravan is the perfect antidote to our crazy, busy lives. Stuck together in a tin box the size of one of our living rooms forces us back to basics and into each others space. In a good way. Obviously temperature control is an issue but I've got fairly good at that. Blankets, hot water bottles and our little three bar fire work well. The constant roar of the sea and omnipresence of sand remind us constantly that the sea is a spit away, and the surf beckons. Thankfully the painting and decorating has paid off. As I explained to my commrade in brushes, Sarah, you use the same muscles painting and surfing, so despite spending a few hours in a chilly surf with the fealess Sam, I'm neither stiff nor sore. Narly! Its Sam's 12th birthday on Wednesday which he is breathless about. Chris and I are chuffed to bits with him, before loading up the car we went to school to meet both boys teachers, and they are both playing a blinder. Joe continues to turn in a virtuoso
performance and Sam, has joined him. All as a result of hard work, so this r and r is well deserved. Planning the perfect birthday our daredevil child has planned an early surf, followed by water skiing and a quick coasteer, that's cliff jumping to those not in the know. Its all good. While he and to some extent I are flinging ourselves at the water the others will be golfing, running and colouring, there's sleeping and copious book reading in there too. Not to mention a bottle or two!

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