Thursday, 18 March 2010

Osborne says yes to third sector offer

Stephen Bubb made a barnstorming opening speech at the Tory Summit today offering a new Government a third sector ready to marshall communities and deliver public services.

In response the Shadow Chancellor says, on behalf of the Tories, he accepts the offer. What can we expect from them? He tells us professional commissioning, competent procurement, and payment by results on defined outcomes. He goes on to explain the benefit of payment by results is you can see the benefits and savings. We want to talk to you, he says, about how we can get this going, get the Social Investment Bank and investment bonds going. "The other thing you can expect from us are longer term contracts, such as in Welfare to work we will offer 5 year contracts." "What you won't get from us, is bureaurocracy or a demand for National standards for everything." "What do we expect from you?" Osborne posed. "Delivering to scale, professionalism, and value for money more specifically greater productivity than we have had from the public sector." His final point is that he does not want the sector to be suffocated by big Goverment. "Its your challenge to resist that and ours to prevent it."

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