Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The beauty of blogging

Thanks to the magical way the internet brings people together I have just read the most exquisite blog, Ngorobob House: Life from the Hill. Reading this blog you realise what a privilege it is to be able to share the intimate thoughts of those whose lives are so different from our own. This latest post, brought to my attention by blogger, Family Affairs, is shocking, beautiful and unutterably sad. You can smell the heat, taste the sweat and salty tears and feel the tangible loss.

Social enterprises are trying to make the world a smaller place, bit like the internet. They are trying to get us all to give a shit about one another, whether we’ve been introduced or not. When I think of the work of enterprises like Divine Chocolate, Global Ethics and Greenworks, all investing in Africa, I am cheered that whilst we can’t bring back Francis Mgambi we can build ethical businesses that help people help themselves. We need to try harder.

Look at the attached David Tennant film about One Water and join their World Water Day.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and what a great day for Katherine Bigalow to win the Oscars for best director and film. Go girl. She made a relatively cheap but none the less great film about the blood and guts of war whilst her ex-husband made a mind blowingly expensive one about blue lizard people. For once substance won out over big bucks, I was cheering. As an aside I do hope this fad for 3D blows over. I took the kids to Alice in Wonderland on Saturday and although the film was good, in my view, I hated the 3D business. It made me feel sick (maybe because I’m a migrainer?) I couldn’t suspend belief and I was aware of the devise throughout. Horrid.

Finally Stephen Bubb of acevo, having read my last blog post, asked me yesterday if I really had put in my first early potatoes. Although I am the first on our allotments I checked the RHS gardening website called My Garden and others have put theirs in, so although it is risky, given the dodgy weather, I am not alone.


  1. Mr Bubb has clearly ignored his usual protocol for these matters which is to establish a Commission to research when and how the spuds should be planted and then have a big launch party when they are ready. This then gives you the opportunity to turn them into GREAT BIG CHIPS, with which to adorn your shoulders when everyone ignores the potatoes.

  2. allison, thanks for mentioning me here...! and for your very heartfelt comment chez moi. lovely to discover your blog and you. love and salaams from arusha in tanzania xx j

  3. Welcome Janelle, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ax