Thursday, 11 February 2010

On your marks, get set........

I had my mug shot in the Society Guardian today, looking, quite frankly like I’d been at the cooking sherry. Having said that, it was nice to have some coverage for the speech I gave on the role social enterprise can play in public service reform at the Guardian’s brilliant summit last week.

This week started with a focus on the new Social Enterprise Mark. Developed by RISE (our sister organisation in the South West) and launched nationally in partnership between RISE and the Coalition, it's started to make its presence felt immediately. Instantly SEL members were e-mailing me with questions and statements of support or criticism. My answer to everyone is time will tell. The thing I love about our movement is that it is dynamic, ever changing; no one's and yet everyone’s intellectual property. If social enterprises grow and sell more as a result of carrying the Mark I’ll be more pleased than anyone. That and the further promotion of the social enterprise movement is my hope for what the Mark can achieve. In the meantime let’s keep the movement growing, counting people interested in delivering positive social impact through business as 'in' and not 'out' shall we?

I came home even later than usual tonight. I counted over 240 emails sent today, mostly on behalf of members, to those who need to know how they can support London's stunning social enterprises. I often feel like a pain in the arse to the great and good, but as I keep saying, that's the job.

Last night Chris and I went to the school parents evening for our eldest, Joe. We heard some lovely things about a hard working, inquisitive and energetic young man (13). Now there’s a chap quick of the mark.

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  1. The mark is a great idea, and I hope it will help the social enterprise movement to become more widely recognised.

    Unfortunately I fear that it will only help *some* social enterprises - those that happen to satisfy the mark's quite strange criteria.

    Social enterprises come in many colours, all doing excellent work in their own ways.

    So I'm left hoping that either:

    a) The criteria of the mark are widened to include the full diversity of the social enterprise movement.

    b) The mark does not become successful, as in its current state it may harm the social enterprises that are excluded from the scheme.