Saturday, 12 January 2013

Spotting wildlife royalty down at the allotment!

Playing dead, our star the Gold Crested Newt

There was great excitement down at the allotment today as I found a Gold Crested Newt, one of Britain's rarest newts hiding in my old netting, take a look. I found this little beauty when clearing out the pond, a filthy job and tough to do in the cold but important to tackle now before the frogs spawn.

I identified it as an adolescent Gold or Great Crested Newt through my own WBR, distinctive by the orange spotty tum, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

It was a tough but rewarding day of clearing up, I lit my bonfire, and dug over the Scruffy Memorial Garden, so named after Joe's hamster Scruffy, who is buried there. Actually Bubbles and Nibbles the rabbits, Squeak the guinea pig and Stella Joe's other hamster are also in the little garden which is a section of the allotment at the back given over to flowers, shrubs and herbs.

Four hours of digging later and doused by the lovely smoky smell I headed home chuffed to have such a rare and wonderful visitor to my own little bit of heaven.