Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cold hands ... warm heart

Photo by Graeme Crowley for Wes Finch

So today, Katie my 12 year old, asked me, "Why do people who are neat always have cold hands?"

I have to confess I was stumped and while I was wondering how to respond, she went on, "Haven't you noticed the people at your office who put their things on their desks really neatly, you know with the large items at the bottom of piles and the smaller things on top, all in straight rows?" I replied, "Well yes, but I haven't grabbed their hands, so I don't know if they are hot or cold."

Katie's expression changed from contemplation to consternation, "Do you mean grown-ups never hold hands at work!?" 

Thanks to  for her suggestion that the cold hands of the neat may be due to all the washing-up they do.


  1. Or they might be suffering from Raynaud's Phenomenon which is the primary cause in adults for cold hands or cold feet. Actually 1 in 9 women have it. It usually occurs for the first time in the late twenties.

  2. Or even they could be struggling with Raynaud's Trend that is the main trigger within grown ups with regard to chilly fingers or even chilly ft. Really 1 within 9 ladies contain it. This generally happens with regard to the very first time within the past due twenties.

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