Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 4 won't be a stroll in the park

Olympic athlete at rest

Although 28 miles seems relatively modest, if not downright slack, compared to the big numbers the boys have been cycling each day so far, legs are aching and bodies are exhausted and that, combined with the route into Paris being much trickier than anything they have done so far, Day 4 is not going to be exactly a walkover, or, as they say in these parts, un walk-over. Here endeth the lesson.

Once again, they will be following the trail of Donald Hirsch, a blogger who has taken the trouble to map out an ideal route for cyclists doing the London to Paris run. He has been spot on so far even in his suggestion of modest but suitable hotels, so hopefully in his hands the last leg will be OK too.

As a mum this bit makes me nervous. I have of course fretted about sports injuries but mostly it's the traffic that worries me and, as we get closer to the city of Paris, it does of course get more intense. As anyone who knows us is aware, Sam's hearing is not great and hubby can't cycle in front and behind him at the same time, so Sam will have to work hard on his bike and look out for traffic which, as he gets closer to the centre of Paris, will get harder.

Katie and I secretly painted 'well done' on our banner yesterday as soon as we got to the hotel so we are ready for the rendezvous at the Eiffel Tower. I will keep you posted.

It has been an amazing ride and, for a 14-year-old, quite extraordinary. Remember it's not too late to support him, just go to Justgiving, Sam Ogden-Newton.

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