Thursday, 24 November 2011

FENTON!!! and having a rant about rogue dogs

Last night hubbie and I had an absolute howl at the YouTube sensation FENTON!! It is very, very funny see it here: FENTON. We live on the edge of Richmond Park and drive, walk or cycle through it daily, something we know is an absolute privilege, and we are always struck but what an extraordinarily beautiful place it is for the use of everyman and his dog, but ...

Here comes the moan: funny film but why was Fenton not on a lead? I'll tell you why: in my experience some dog owners treat Richmond Park like one big toilet/dog run and often don't bother with a lead.

Over the 15 years we have lived next to the park, every one of the five of us has been attacked by dogs that were not on a lead. The entrance to the park nearest to us, Sheen Common Gate, is literally covered in dog excrement. We have stopped using it on foot as you can't walk through without having to wash your shoes on return. Ironically the bin put there for dog waste by the local authority is often completely empty.

It staggers me - when rogue dogs run up to you, jump at you, growl, bark and sometimes start to snap - how hopeless their dog owners are. Both hubbie and I have really fallen out with dog owners whose dogs have gone for the kids in the park and who have been completely unequal to the task of getting their dogs off our children. We have seen dogs pull over pushchairs, attack each other and the deer, even, shockingly drawing blood.

Clearly the park is a good place to walk dogs. We all love dogs, but keep them on a lead and for pity's sake pick up the poo! If that all sounds too much like hard work, get a hamster.


  1. I quite agree. Dogs not being controlled by careless owners a constant bug bear of mine (not that I have many bug bears...). Bogg Jr Jr has had a couple of real frights from dogs in our local park who meant no harm (according to owners) but tell that to a 3 year old who has been knocked over by a creature twice his size. And it is the lack of apology that winds me up, as if the owners have no responsibility for the dog's behaviour. "He's never hurt anyone before". Well, Harold Shipman hadn't murdered anyone before his first victim so that is no argument. Barkles, I should add, is impeccably well behaved though who looks after him when I am off overseas on another free jolly I don't know.

  2. You are so right! I too have experienced the rather surly way dog owners sort of faff about getting their dogs to behave and do anything rather than offer an apology as you pick yourself or your children up, as if you were deliberately being too tempting, too rabbit like in you need to be chased, to stick like in you need to be bitten. Though I think you are mistaken about Barkles, the last time she came to my house she nearly caused a riot!

  3. Who looks after Barkles while Lord Muck goes swanning off round the world?

    It's me isn't it? Muggins

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