Friday, 2 September 2011

Staying in touch

Helen,  (left) and Michelle (right) heading off to new adventures

As we bid a fond farewell to SELites Michelle Richmond and Helen Deason this week  I thought I would also update you on other news surrounding ex SELites.
Helen is leaving us to tour South America and spend some time with ex-SELite the fabulous Brenda Poggio in Argentina, and as I suspected might happen, Matt Jarrett has got himself into a bit of a pickle at his new place of work with the uniform requirements as you can see below. We are not at all sure he read the memo correctly.

Matt and his Meerkat outfit

Michelle, our Future Jobs Fund guru leaves this week to decamp to lovely Poole and we wish her well. No one knows as well as I do how compelling surfing and cycling can be but we do hope both she and Helen stay in touch. Both ladies gave of their all, changed many, many lives for the better, including mine and we shall all miss them, particularly me. As I like to say, once a SELite always a SELite.


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