Saturday, 17 September 2011

Orchid: Support my boys cycling to raise awareness of male cancer

The boys make it to the 18-mile point and get stuck into the hot chocolate.

My eldest, Joe, his Dad as well as a school chum Isaac are cycling for Orchid tomorrow, the charity that campaigns for and supports male cancer sufferers. They will do a 50-mile bike ride in the New Forest, a decision they only reached as recently as Wednesday. The charity they are cycling for raises awareness about male testicular, prostate and penile cancer, supports sufferers and donates money for research.

Orchid, raising awareness about male cancer
Blokes are notoriously shy about talking about illness in general, let alone cancer of their bits so I am really proud of them for doing this. Having looked around the Orchid website, I am horrified to learn that boys are at risk from testicular cancer from 15, and that it is the most common cancer in young men. So education and awareness are key, because early detection means everything.

Orchid were also supported by SEL member Guy Watts who did a heroic row, with his partner Andrew Delaney, across the Indian Ocean for the charity. Guy has since gone on to set up Streetscape, the social enterprise that creates and maintains corporate gardens and provides employment for the vulnerable and long-term unemployed.

Joe's uncle, my brother Chris Ogden, is a leading surgeon specialising in the treatment of prostate cancer, so by doing this ride, my boys are also supporting the important, lifesaving work Chris does.

Team Ogden-Newton would welcome sponsors of course, so if you could click here and give them a few quid, that would be fantastic. Thank you to all those who have already done so. Last time I checked they had nearly up to £1,000, it would be great to get them over that milestone. It's a good cause and 50 miles is a long way for a couple of teenagers. Still, plenty of time to contemplate just how sore they can really get in that sensitive region. Keep checking boys!


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