Friday, 1 July 2011

Slanking off

Last night the SEL team, board, members and friends turned out to say goodbye to SELite Matt Jarratt. You could argue that most of us would turn up for a drink to the opening of an envelope, but I think it's fair to say we all wanted to give Jarrett a good send-off. Matt has been an outstanding contributor to SEL in the three or so years he has been turning up. I can credit him with building our network to the largest social enterprise membership  in the country, to an astonishing 2,400 at the last count. We worked out last night that Matt has organised over 30 events for us, made innumerable friendships with stakeholders (sorry about that), got the message about social enterprise out there including setting up this blog for me (again apologies) and written Transitions, the UK's first and I would argue best guide to public-sector outsourcing. But perhaps most notably he has been a mate to us all  his constancy, diligence and unfailing humour (not  bad thing in a SEL member of staff) have been high octane in the SEL tank.

Matt and June consider the merits of Mei's choice of beer
In the tradition of leaving dos, last night we remembered the less than successful moments as, let's face it, they are always funnier in retrospect: like the time Matt organised a marketing conference in the Islington Design Centre where nearly twice the number of delegates we had hoped for turned up, which combined with allotting himself presenting and chairing roles through out the day led to plenty of Carry On Conferencing moments. Oh we laughed! Or the time he and Dom went to the SEL archives during our office move, which somehow ended up with Dom locked in the back of the van.

But all in all a job very well done. We wish you well Matt and will miss you, especially when it's time to get the next round in. But perhaps now would be a good time to apologise for that photo of you sporting a Kate Middleton face mask while clutching a pint at the Social Enterprise Awards or the one with you catching some downtime in your Slanket (see above) with the moniker 'Valerie', both posted on our website for the staff shot. Who knew you were applying for a posh job?

Talking of which, from next month Matt can be reached at the Fair Weather Rest Home for retired chiropodists located somewhere in the provinces where he will be acting night superintendent until they can find someone qualified. They got our best man.


  1. Wished i could have sent you off!... enjoy your interim position somewere in the provinces...!!! x

  2. Indeed! A reunion to be planned somewhere in the world in 2013 or perhaps a wedding??? Gus??? Michelle??? Plenty of people to marry off. Love and antartic winds from devine Argentine!

  3. "Matt has been an outstanding contributor to SEL in the three or so years he has been turning up."

    How long had he been turning up for before you offered him a job? London's loss is the retired chiropodists gain!

  4. I can't recall, it took us a while to notice him, but when we finally did he made a great impact, as you say chiropody's gain is our loss

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