Saturday, 7 May 2011

Down at the allotment the beanstalks are getting ready for Jack

Alliums and broad beans shooting to the skies
It's all go, go, go at the allotment.
It feels more like June than early May and everything is growing like topsy, the challenge is to keep it watered. I have had a busy week at work with the launch of our Transition Institute, which went so well but sneaking down to the allotment to keep the water levels up during the driest April on record has been tricky. But if things haven't dried out they should be shooting up as are my broad beans, salad and leeks. But my rhubarb is looking very sad, it has been attacked by something nasty, I'm not sure what it is, but comparing notes with fellow site holders it seems many of us have been hit by badly performing rhubarb so I've put in a new plant elsewhere on the site to see if I can have a new start. My sunflowers have been a great success with almost every seed I put in coming through so I have 50 plants in the cold frame, which will give me a really stunning display later in the summer.

Katie wanted me to draw attention to the ladybird on the Allium in the foreground of the photo above, which, in case you can't make it out, is a shot of my broad beans interplanted by Alliums grown for cutting. Together they make a stunning display as the purple of the Alliums go so well with the blue green of the broad beans. It's all looking very pretty and the rain that has started this morning will only encourage things to be even more verdant, though it won't make the charity fun run Katie and I are going on in Richmond Park this morning much fun. Wish us luck!

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