Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bring it on

Our finalists are all winners

I have just spent a wonderful evening judging the McKinsey Students in Society competition where students from campuses across the UK had been narrowed down from 300 entries to five outstanding teams of social entrepreneurs.

They were a wonderful, inspiring lot and with fellow judges that included my friends Cliff Prior from UnLtd and Tom Rippin from On Purpose, we had our work cut out to decide who should win. After a really lively exchange where we all lobbied for our favourites, the winners were Fertilaiit who will now get seed funding and ongoing mentoring from McKinsey to develop their stunning business concept that turns milk waste into agricultural fertiliser. Their strap line was, 'Waste is inevitable but being wasteful is not.' Ha! Great.

All our students this evening were really impressive, they showed stunningly professionalism and were frankly outstanding. These young people are the future of our movement and it cheers me up to realise we are in safe hands. 


  1. Was a great event! Other finalists included Eth(n)ik that creates high-end luxury products from Amazonian vegetable leather and E.quinox who already supply power to off-grid places in Africa.


  2. Thanks for the comment Tom, it was good wasn't it? I have already been contacted by Eth(n)ik and I'm trying to make some connections for them. I still can't get over how dynamic those young people were, it gave you such optimism about the future of social business. Well done McKinsey for organising it, let's hope they have us back next year!?