Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Social Enterprise Magazine reports hope for Future Jobs Fund

Today's Social Enterprise Magazine reported hope that the Government will look again at Future Jobs Fund in their piece 'Government promises to look again at axed £1billion jobs fund'. As SEL's Michelle Richmond said in the piece, this initiative worked, enabling SEL to place over 500 young people into jobs with employers continuing to contact us every day with more job offers. We know if the Government does introduce Future Jobs Fund 2,  we will be able to hit the ground running and with today's employment figures of a 2.53 million people unemployed, the highest level for 17 years and an all time record of 1 in 5 young people out of work, something has to be done, and quickly. 

What Michelle did not tell you is that of those 500 young people, 72% have been retained in their jobs and so have become social entrepreneurs of the future, as we hoped they would. That demonstrates the ability of social enterprise to inspire and employ, two vital commodities in this recessionary economy.


  1. I very much hope this will happen. The decision to scrap this Fund was a remarkably foolish one. With the dramatic rise in youth unemployment this scheme was a lifeline. One of the great features of the scheme was how many small bodies took part through consortia like 3SC.

    As public concern rises about yet another lost generation I'm sure there will have to be a rethink. We need a campAign for the return of the FJF. ,

  2. I couldn't agree more. I simply don't understand how Government can say FJF was too expensive when then cost to society of missing that window of gainful employment between school and a lifetime of either employment or unemployment, is immense.

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