Saturday, 26 March 2011

It was time to dig deep



A sunny day in March is the perfect time to plant an asparagus bed.
I already have a small one, so to speak,  that's about 5 years old, but this weekend I added 20 crowns, 10 Backlim for heavy cropping and 10 Gijnlim for some early spears. This is all part of my cunning plan to make the allotment easier to keep going. The whole family loves asparagus, in fact we can't get enough of it, and it is easy to maintain, once the plants are put in well. Having said that I've lost 2 asparagus beds to drought over the years so this time, I dug deep. They recommend 6 to 8 inches for depth and I went for the full 8 inches (well you would wouldn't you?) and then piled on loads of manure to retain moisture, feed the plants and act as a mulch, all very satisfying.

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