Wednesday, 23 March 2011

As Ye Sow, so shall ye reap

Todays budget was billed by Chancellor, George Osborne as the blueprint for "Start up Britain".
As a woman up to my elbows in enthusastic people who want to be part of a growing economy, a plan for growth has to be welcomed. There weren't any really big wows, as far as I could see,  but the highlights I could surmise were as follows; there will be 21 new enterprise zone's 10 in deprived areas, details to follow, but these could be good for my regeneration based members, there will be new green incentives including a Green Investment Bank, a new carbon price floor and rises in green taxes, the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is to be reformedand and there will be 80,000 further work placements with more apprentiships to follow, although no mention of Future Jobs Fund, sadly. The Chancellor talked about big help for the Big Society and outlined a plan to simplify Gift Aid, and introduced an incentive for people to give more through a reduction in inheritance tax, which might be helpful for social enterprises working within the charity world.

Meanwhile, down on the allotment my early seed sowing were not to prove fruitful. Those I put in two weeks ago were a waste of time, especially as we had that hard frost, so this weekend my Katie did it all again and she added some beetroot to the rows of parsnips , lettuce and mixed salad. On the subject of sowing, I loved Alys Fowler’s piece’ “It’s time to sow outside, but take care,” in Saturdays’ Guardian Magazine, where she suggests sunflowers. I usually wait as late as May to sow Sunflowers, but will now give them a try, let’s see.

The big news is we have put up the new head of our scarecrow Bob (see above). This year’s model is after Mario as in Super Mario. It’s my first knitted version but as a huge fan of the work of artist, Julie Arkell I was pleased with my homage and really enjoyed the freestyle knitting experience (it takes all sorts). My hope is that the knitting holds together, there is an analogy there for the budget, but its so obvious I'll leave it for you to make.


  1. Just confirming the biblical quote and as usual I got 'side-googled'.
    Bet they love you at the Grauniad, supplying them with ready-made literals like apprentiship.
    You also seem to have a few probs as to when and where to put apostrophes, making a verb agree with a single noun, missing hyphens and unwanted cap letters.
    If you ever feel like employing a writer/sub do get in touch..
    Have a great week.

  2. I feel stalked by the apostrophe police. Apologies for my scruffy writing I will endeavour to do better, and appreciate the top tips which I will try hard to act on but I am not sure a sub is top of my wish list. If your offering to deliver a few speeches for me, do some time working with members on their procurement problems, look after my children, mulch my allotment or perhaps chip in with some ironing, now that would be really helpful and give me a few more precious moments to at least re read my blogs before I post them. I know polish is everything and it is hard to relate to the substance of a person's writing if its full of malapropisms and misplaced apostrophes but if you could bare with me, or maybe I should adopt the style of the wonderful Ngorobob House blog and ignore capital letters and punctuation rules completely?