Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011, its all about message

Having had some interesting feedback on my 2011 blogs and a quick canteen lunch with Guardian Public Editor, Jane Dudman today I am more convinced than ever that 2011 will be all about getting our message right. As Government measures take hold and the economy reacts I think social enterprise has an unprecedented opportunity, but only if we communicate what we are all about to the uninitiated.

Whilst social enterprise has certainly gripped the imagination of the political class and an increasing number of the public have heard of what we do, few are confident in describing it and fewer still could tell you why it matters. Nothing is more important than fixing this so we recruit the general public en masse to the value of our business model. For far too long we have been absorbed by definitions, a subject that leaves potential enthusiasts cold, always an own goal in my view. We should be shouting from the roof tops stories about social enterprises like Magic Breakfast that work with companies like Quaker to deliver free breakfasts to over 5000 kids in 180 schools, every day. Without Carmel McConnell and her great social enterprise, those children would be going to school too hungry to learn. Folk need to know that when they buy Quaker oats they are contributing to a free breakfast for a hungry child. We are a movement and to gather the critical mass to our cause we have to be punchy, positive as well as passionate.

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