Sunday, 7 November 2010

The future is orange

The future, at least this weekend, was definitely orange.  As we had good friends coming round on Saturday we cracked open my last pumpkin, a nice 12lb Big Boy. Oo err missus. 

My husband made us all a lovely pumpkin risotto with crispy sage, and today I set about putting the rest of it to good use. That is always the challenge of a pumpkin, you get so much and I can’t bare waste so here’s some top tips on how the whole thing can be used. 

The children were delighted when I made this pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving staple is a real favourite in the States where I used to live. It's not so popular here but pumpkin pie is a wonderfully spicy winter warmer, delicious straight from the oven.

I then set some pumpkin aside to make soup with the chicken stock from today’s roast and lastly roasted the rest, pureed it and put it into ice tray cubes to be used later. In the past we have made the cubes into home made ravioli and risotto, again a firm family favorite.   So job done, lovely.

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