Sunday, 5 September 2010

At St Endellion getting in the right vein

I've been asked by a couple of people to do an update on the laser work I had done in Cornwall. I am drafting this on our epic journey from Spain to London, so with time to spare, I'll give a report. The procedure was to rectify something I had become increasingly vain (no pun intended) about, which I referred to as my gardening scars. These 'scars' were little broken veins on my upper cheeks where years of gardening, swimming and surfing in all weathers had left a warren of tiny red marks. The net effect of said marks were to make me look like I drank, (who me!?). However you would only see this at the weekend when I seldom bother to wear makeup and I am gardening, swimming etc. So not a big deal, but none the less...

So when I mentioned the marks to my beautician friend, Angela, and she offered to help out by introducing me to Penny Pudd, I was delighted and went for it. Penny is a practice nurse who does this treatment as a second string to her bow, and is based, funnily enough in St Endellion, now made famous by the recent Cameron family addition, Florence Rose Endellion.

Penny did me in about 45 minutes, using a heated needle to quarterize the veins. For those who have asked about the comfort levels, it felt just as it sounds, like a fine needle (not painful) penetrating the skin and carrying an electrical charge that feels hot (painful). Penny told me that most treatments last 10 to 15 minutes, as that is all most people can take. I told her that was fighting talk as I flatter myself on having a high pain threshold. So 45 minutes later, we were done (which was a relief) and in my opinion I looked like Will Smith in Hitch, when he had the shell fish allergy, I was hot, bloated, very red and purple and with a few nasty marks. But after 3 days I stopped looking bloated and in a week most of the healing had completed.

I am pleased with the results which you will probably not be able to see from my attached, very dodgy, Before, Immediately after, and A week later, photos. All were taken on my blackberry so are not terribly helpful. But I can assure you that now, even without makeup I have a rosy, not ruddy complextion, which I am chuffed with. Well done Penny!


Immediately after, note the needle marks

A week later (I have lippy on but nothing else)

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