Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yup, road trips are fun

Its a long drive from London to the Costa Brava and back again, but it can be fun, and time to reflect, if you like that sort of thing. I used to drive over a thousand miles each and every week in my job as a union organiser in the US and Hubby just loves driving his car, aka The Beast. The kids seem to be enjoying it too, playing DS download and munching on assorted snacks. We have all remarked on the spectacular scenery through the Pyrennes and french countryside.On the way down we stopped over with friends who live in a really pretty village called Alan, just outside Toulouse which was perfect. Today we are doing the 500 miles to Orleans. Thanks to the wonders of technology I have located a nice hotel, with good reviews and reserved a room big enough for all of us, just outside Orleans. I have even managed to clear my Monday in tray (don't tell the kids, I promised to stop working this holiday) and updated the kids pescription requests. I have also been able to widen my blog list, catch up on the gossip about Vince Cable, rumoured to be thinking of running for Mayor and Tony Blair's flake. It's all quite relaxing really, even inspite of the boys bickering and Katie's car sickness getting the better of her every now and again. Funny thing is, you'd expect the kids would hate it, but they were really looking forward to getting on the road this morning. To keep things light as hubby likes to say, we have a few house rules, the driver chooses cabin temperature and music and will stop if anyone wants to for whatever reason. In that vein we have bought some terracotta dishes, seen a castle and aquaduct and even done some laundry!

We will definitely do this again next year, anyway we have to as we all kissed the butt of La Lleona (The Lioness) in Gerona, which guarantees you will return (see photo below). To be honest, I'll be a little sad when we get home and all go our seperate ways into busy lives, this lot are a laugh. I feel some life changes coming on, I need to work out how to do the things I love doing, like droning on about social enterprise, and, as they say in political circles, spend more time with my family.


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