Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Taking it to the Mackerel

There's a celebratory air in Pink Cottage. Last night hubby broke his fishing duck and with sons in tow, they landed 13 Mackerel from the headland. Lucky for some. We had grilled Mackerel and bread and butter for tea, all the more delicious for being landed by my own hunter gatherers.

                                                               Returning in triumph

Other news, equally thrilling is that I am going to have the veins in my face quarterised on Saturday. My friend Angela has introduced me to Penny this morning, who sorts out veins over in Wadebridge. For a fraction of the cost of getting it done at home I'm going to have what I call my gardening scars sorted out. I will do before, during and after shots for your information. It will be just like 10 Years Younger, but without the annoying presenter.

Finally, yesterday we were in Padstow where we passed the National Lobster Hatchery on our way to crab. The Hatchery, restocking coastal waters with lobster is now sporting its Social Enterprise Mark, pointed out to me by my very excited and rather sweet family. See below.

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