Monday, 23 August 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The problem with having a hairdresser who reads the Guardian, is that Chris, my friend and fellow social commentator was lying in wait for me yesterday. Having seen the infamous article that painted a picture us as a middle class family, supposedly threatened with extinction, illustrated by a well dodgy shot of me, Chris felt it was time for a change. I am in charge of many things in my life, but after many, many years of having the privilege of knowing Chris at Smile (congrats again on this year's BA in Ancient Greek), my hair is not one of them. So three and a half hours later I have gained blonde highlights and lost 8 inches (sadly only in the hair department). It hasn't been this short since Sam was born, 12 years ago, and its a bit of a shock. I text Hubby to prepare him for the new me and he very sweetly bought me flowers. The kids keep looking at me and tugging what's left, but I have to say I like it. It is a definate 'do', easier to keep tip top and hair is at least one thing that will grow back when cut. Thank you again Chris, you have a lot to put up with.

I had complimentary comments on my new look from close friends Siobhan and Chris last night (well they would wouldn't they). Siobhan has taken a year off from working at the top of corporate communications to do an MA in marketing and communications at Kingston Uni. Her thesis is on rebranding and she told us about her research. She is interviewing National brands that have gone through a rebranding excercise recently, and by far and away the strongest example of best practice was Parkinson's UK, which is in her opinion, has been text book in its approach. Another example to those of us in the ethical world leading in what are assumed to be commercial skills.

Today we took the children to see The Railway Children at Waterloo Station. It was absolutely wonderful and I was bursting with pride as my friend, Caroline Harker (imgres) turned in an inspiring performance as Mother. Caroline is a very natural and loving mother and an inspired choice for the part. We all felt very special when she gave us a sneaky wave. I sniveled all the way through the first half until the actual train came on to the stage, when I went for the full blub. It was all heart stoppingly exciting. I took a naughty shot (sorry Caroline) of the train, although it's not very good as I was also wildly clapping.

Finally I went to the allotment tonight for a quick haul although there is nothing quick about cropping (technical term) at this time of year, what with all that food. See below for the results, I am particularly pleased with my tomatoes which are groaning on the vines, and as for the blackberries, if the Government succeed in beggering me, I can always set up a side line in jam. (Note cunning use of Voice 07 bag).


  1. Parkinson’s are lucky to have a courageous and visionary CEO who's recognised that a strong brand identity is a powerful asset that can help them realise ambitions plans for the future. He put together a great re-branding team and their choice of partner agency was spot on for the job. What’s special about Parkinson's is they way they’ve gone about the process of re-branding and the fact they recognise that much of the real work has only just begun.

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