Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Watch the birdie

This morning was even more manic than usual in the Ogden-Newton household. A photographer and crew arrived at 8am to shoot us as a family for an interview I've given to the Guardian. The piece is on the new entrepreneurial middle class, but alarmingly they wanted us pictured with our chickens.

Firstly we had to get the boys out of bed which was tricky and then of course the chickens didn't want to play ball. The scene was hilarious, all of us running around time and again trying to gather up increasingly harassed chickens and then clutching them pull sensible faces. I predict disaster, we will look even more dotty than we are. Still running around like chickens is probably as good an analogy of the middle class today as your going to get.

I am now in Leamington Spa meeting my Regional counterparts in the social enterprise world, and aside from the joy of meeting up, its pretty much doom and gloom. Ironic really when you consider how social enterprise is on everyone's lips and we are all more cash starved than ever. 2011 looks more like a budget figure than a calendar date at present. Something has to be done. We have all worked so hard to get the movement where it is and still have so much to offer, even in such difficult times there has to be a way forward. I need inspiration and so am off to the bar to chat with colleagues and find a way, together, social enterprise style.

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