Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poor old David Laws

Poor old David Laws, getting the full media treatment for expences nonsense with a hefty serving of homophobia on the side. I have mentioned this before but I have no appetite for the so-called expences scandal. The truth is so typically British. We have a 'gentlemen's' agreement that MP's won't get pay increases for years but can use the expences system to meet the cost of running two homes. So of course, some of them over step the mark, but in sheer ignorance, most do something that when viewed in a tabloid headline looks dodgy. Clearly David did what he did to cast eyes away from his domestic arrangements, and how sad is that? I think that's the scandal. Its 2010 and politicians still feel that their sexuality can be a deal breaker. If by some miracle the powers that be, and I include the Telegraph in that epithet, let him keep his job, my hope is this will make him more sypathetic to the human misery caused by his cuts.

I know money has to be saved in quantity but there is a steely glint in the eye of some when cuts are mentioned. As if those whose jobs will be lost and lives devastated have, up until now, been hoodwinking the state into employing them to do entirely facile jobs. That is not the case. Yes we have to prioritise, but everyone was doing thier best and if their leaders acknowledge that they will continue to do so as they have to turn their lives around. It reminds me of when Blair turned inexplicably on doctors and teachers, you can improve a service without slagging it off first, you know.

Finally spare a thought for poor old Mr Laws, what ever happened to Harvey Moon, and for that matter the pinstriped porkers who caused this hell in the first place?

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  1. I agree Allison and blogged myself on this today. As a politician of our generation I support him and wish him the best. The 80s were a shit time for gay people and a lot gays I know are still very hush hush about it, remembering the atmosphere they grew up in (Section 28, James Anderton, AIDS etc etc).