Thursday, 13 May 2010

Never mind Coalition - it's war!

I know group hugs have broken out in Whitehall, and co-operation seems to be the name of the game but the bloody foxes have dug up my carrots again, and the gloves are coming off.

I went to the allotment this morning to do some quick pre-heading into the office watering, and it was carnage. The frost has got my main crop potatoes and the Italian tomatoes, that were under bell jars. All burnt to a cinder. I had fleeced my first early potatoes and Moneymaker Tomatoes which are ok albeit a little sad, but the rest look done for. So kicking a girl when she’s down, I found the foxes have dug up and eaten all my carrots. That’s 4 years on the trot. It comes to something when you can’t grow carrots on an allotment, so I will be taking steps. I have resisted joining the plot holders who have been sprayed against the fox, but my name went down this morning. I don’t really approve of spraying, preferring to use good soil and early planting to ward off disease but sprayed I will be this weekend. That’ll fix ‘em.

Turning from the horticultural drama’s in my life, it’s been all go at the social enterprise end too. I spent the best part of two days this week, including an overnight stay, judging the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. I was the token ‘social’ person, the rest being extraordinarily eminent entrepreneurs, investors and management specialists. Fellow judge Simon Calver, CEO at was a hoot as was Vin Murria, Director of Advanced Computer Software plc who was really interested in social enterprise, which was helpful. The candidates were very impressive and all had put themselves through a rigorous process. The results are to be announced soon.

My election press comments have, to my mind deteriorated as the week wore on. Top tip here, don’t do a phone interview late at night, one tends to ramble. Having said that I have been gripped by the turn of events, and like everyone I am fascinated by our new Coalition Government. Both The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were very keen on social enterprise in their election campaigns so that has to be a good sign. Social entrepreneurs are full of plans, and a more vigorous approach to the role they can play in areas such as education and health could be just the job. As I keep saying we need the right kind of money and a steely will to create opportunity.

I have left writing this until late tonight as I was hoping to tell you who our new Minister is, but no luck yet. Let’s hope they are insanely ambitious. Because if you are, you can make a big difference.

The ones that have survived

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