Sunday, 9 May 2010

Life goes on: Happy Birthday Joe!

I am still following the political shinanigans at every available moment but, life goes on. Cameron and Brown still haven't worked out whose is biggest, but they will. Clegg, will do the deal and the game will begin. StilL, none of this went to anyone's plan. I wonder that given how Labour a great many local authorities have gone, particularly in London, wether the Tories will be so keen to abolish the RDAs and Government Offices? And will the election of Zac Goldsmith and Caroline Lucas mean some investment in green technologies when all else gets the chop? In the meantime life goes on, and today is my eldest, Joe's 14th Birthday. To celebrate we are in the surreal Mercedez Benz world, not much sign of the green agenda here!
But car was Joes first word and remains his passion. Today, now, Joe is driving a 4 x4 round a mud track. It is an odd thing when your baby, in a buggy 10 minuites ago, heads of at the wheel of a car. He couldn't be happier, and frankly he deserves his day. Joe takes life seriously, he's worried about the markets tomorrow, I'm not FYI, he's worried about global warming, and he knows how the university point system works and how many you get for an musical Grade 8! So take a load of Joe, or as Katie would say, chillax, and put your foot down. Vroom, vroom.
Joe blows out his cake and somehow the whole squirty cream thing gets out of hand, improvement?

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