Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pulling the rug out

My day started with slipping out of the house this morning to look at rugs in The Rug Company sample sale. To my horror it was the biggest bunfight you could imagine. The stuff of nightmares. I arrived five minutes after it was supposed to start and already hundreds of people, some, poor souls, with small children, were fighting it out in a theatre in Notting Hill Gate. I braced myself and joined the foray, but even at half price or less, they exceeded my budget.  Whilst I was looking I accidentally kicked a man on all fours on the ground who was right in the thick of the scrum.  I apologised with the ubiquitous English, "Sorry" only to find, to my surprise, it was Harry Enfield. We exchanged platitudes and carried on with our latter day hunting and gathering.  I had bagged a Kilim which was reduced from £550 to £150 and was about to check out when I had an epiphany, I was wretched, it was my Sunday morning and sod it, I was off home. So I dumped my rug which, I am not kidding people grabbed before it hit the ground and I walked out, passed the crowd queuing impatiently around the block, with nothing.

What makes us behave so out of character in the face of a great deal, why aren't people as passionate about their political leadership as they are about a bargain?

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  1. Thank you for the words, Pissed, may you also have an excellent weekend. I'll be thinking of those who haven't returned,

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