Monday, 29 March 2010

Turning Japanese, i really think so

So I am in Japan where the cherry blossom is out, and although its cold spring is very much in the air. Today I'm giving a presentation to the Japanese press on the current status of the social enterprise community in the UK.

Simon Tucker, Associate Director of the Young Foundation is also up and has given a really interesting talk on their support for social enterprise innovation. It has to be said the real interest seems to be in the Young Foundation investment support. The mighty buck and its innate ability to create change is so often the attractive part of what we do, and easier to get your head around. I like what Simon said about their work connecting the bees, described as social entrepreneurs with the trees, those with power, money and markets.

I am feeling a little rough after what must have been a dodgy prawn last night, but the Japanese enthusiasm for social enterprise really makes you put in your best effort. As always so many questions are around legal frameworks and investment funds, somehow the excitement around social innovation can get lost. I'll have to try harder to get the wonderful stories across tomorrow.

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