Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2012: Make time for social enterprise or make a mistake

I've just read an article in Social Enterprise Magazine on the 2012 Games; specifically on our concern that LOCOG are not ensuring that their procurement maximises the potential for a meaningful legacy. Let me be clear; we don't want a special case made for social enterprise, but we do feel very strongly that unless robust targets for social impact are set for the Games, and set in stone, and that procurement is actively opened up to SME's and by implication social enterprises, the UK will miss out.

It's a good article even if some prat does make a wisecrack about the rather distant prospect of a big UK medal haul.

The point is that a real legacy for the Games will deliver economic development, environmental sustainability, jobs and social development; characteristics which are at the heart of social enterprise, and guess what? It just so happens that the most sophisiticated social enterprise community in the world is right here in London - so we're making sure the organisers of the Games take full advantage.

I have added to my favourite blogs list Shreddies Long Walk.  Shreddie is a dog who is walking his owner (a friend of a friend) around the West coast in aid of Kingston Bereavement Service. Its an heroic venture in a good cause and we are all a sucker for one of those.  Do follow the link and take a look.

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