Thursday, 3 December 2009


...I have just opened my post to find an incendiary devise lurking there. I am consulting with colleagues, press and fellow campaigners and will be in touch to reveal all.

In the meantime I have dropped by the Houses of Parilament to support by dear friend in her launch of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition Manifesto. Antonia Swinson does a magnificent job as CEO of the Scottish Coalition and somehow manages to combine this with being an accomplished author and activist giving the rest of us something to aim for. Aside from her weighty work on the economy she has also published on allotments (you can see where our friendship comes from) and several novels. I was amazed when I read her Cousins Tale two years ago. Not only a really enjoyable read, but as it transpired, completely brilliant as in it she predicted the recession in its entirety. A clever and glamorous woman with politics. Not something we get too much of.

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