Monday, 28 December 2009

Getting Festive

I think it all went well, although you'd have to ask one of the small army who have been to our house over the last few days, if that was the case. I do love Christmas, but I think I like it best when its over, and fun was been had by all.

Highlights include the reaction of our boys when they realised we had got them a pool table. It was wonderful, they fell into each others arms whilst screaming, a parents dream. Thanks to Matt at SEL who told me that he and his brother got a pool table when they were 13 and 11 and it was the best present ever. He was right, they have been playing ever since, practically sleeping with their cue's.

Chris did a fantastic job at getting the Christmas dinner to the table without a drama which was quite something given that the nine we fed on Christmas Day followed the twenty we had on Christmas Eve which followed the forty we had two nights before.  Explaining why we are enjoying the peace and quiet.

We took the kids out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie this evening, which is not great by the way, and afterwards they talked about who would host the festivities when they were grown up, assuming that they would always be together for Christmas.

Final highlights; Chris's excellent non-pork Turkey stuffings (my lovely sister-in-law is Muslim, we think she's fab for throwing herself into Christmas so the least we can do is make it a pork free zone), my groovy purple wellies which will cut quite a dash at the allotment, my Mum's Christmas Pudding , and finally, and without doubt top banana, little Oliver, our newest nephew/cousin, born on Christmas Day.

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